Game Schedule

For Club Night: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Game One

Bolt Action

Dom Sore

Mickey Hall

Game Two


Karl Lowthian

Matt Reiling

Game Three

Chain of Command

Steve Lawther

Darryl Jackson

Lawrence Coxon

Game Four

WWII Spearhead

North Africa

Ian Logan

Andy Oliver

Malcolm Brown

Mark Shepard

Darren Byers

Andy Dunn

Game Five

Twilight of the Sun King

6mm Austro-Turkish War

Dave Langston

Joe Hope

Game Six

Game Seven

Game Eight


Club game available for use. Players to provide own Factions. Minimum 2 players needed.

Game Nine

WWI Wings of Glory

Club game available for use. 4 aircraft available 2 Allied 2 Central Powers. Minimum 2 players needed. 




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